Training Objectives

After you have completed this online training you will be familiar with:

  1. The mission and activities of the Weed Warriors program
  2. The background and basic ecology of sagebrush steppe ecosystems
  3. The basic principles of ecological restoration and invasive species management

We will begin with basic information about the Weed Warriors program and its mission and activities in open space reserves and along the river corridor. We will then discuss the ecology of the sagebrush steppe and the science of ecological restoration including the management of invasive plant species.

Finally, we explore some of the troublesome invasive species here in our Boise Foothills in more detail.

You will be browsing through the on-line invasive plant catalog during the initial on-line portion of the training. Please don't feel it is necessary to memorize all the different species of invasive plants or their characteristics; just try and gain a basic familiarity with the contents. This information will be covered in much more detail during the in-house orientation and during field training.

Learning to distinguish these species becomes much more effective when done out in the field, and essentially the entire field training will be spent learning the process of recognizing and learning to identify different invasive plant species.

The online invasive plant catalog will continue to be available for use as a reference when you need to refresh your memory or are unsure of something you've observed in the field.

So let's Get Started.