Become a Weed Warrior!

Welcome to the orientation training for Weed Warrior volunteers on City of Boise's greenbelt and in open space reserves. We appreciate your interest in helping to restore and maintain our beautiful and vital river corridor and upland sagebrush steppe habitats.

Our training program has three components. All are required training in becoming a Certified Weed Warrior:

1. Online Training Program (click here to start!)

This program provides a general introduction to the open space reserve system and introduces basic principles of ecological restoration including the management of invasive plant species. The online training program is contained on this site; the other two components of the training are completed with Martha Brabec, Foothills Restoration Specialist, at the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center and in open space reserves.  If you want to become a Weed Warrior, or get a better understanding of what Weed Warriors do, you can start right now by clicking the link above (Online Training Program). 

2. In-House Orientation

This 60-minute workshop reviews and details key aspects of the Weed Warriors program. Please complete online training program first. The Foothills Restoration Specialist will email you once you complete the course regarding dates and times for in-house orientation. 

3. Field Day

This provides hands-on training in identifying invasive plant species and practicing management techniques. Training field days will be scheduled in spring 2018.