Weed Warriors

Join the City of Boise Weed Warrior Project!



The mission of the City of Boise Weed Warrior program is to enrich wildlife habitat in open space reserves, parks, and along the greenbelt.

Weed Warriors work wherever weeds are found. By removing weeds, we improve the ability for native species to compete with their non-native visitors. 

Our weed warriors represent all age groups. 

Certified Weed Warriors will be able to develop work plans with city staff and then remove weeds with other Warriors or on their own, in the stewardship areas of their choosing. Certification involves attending an in-house orientation to the program and  participating in a weed removal workshop. Training will include plant identification, restoration of ecological systems, effective and appropriate removal methods for invasive plants, the safe use of tools, and more. Check out this map to see where Weed Warriors have been working! Each point represents a location where Warriors have removed weeds and reported their activities for tracking purposes. 

On this website, you can learn more about non-native species of the Boise foothills, learn about some of our success stories and become a weed warrior.