Additional References

Open Space Division: City of Boise Info Page.

Open Space Dedicated Website: Open Space’s Website! Weed info, volunteer opportunities, info about reserves, and management plans.

Become a Weed Warrior! Help us combat invasive species and support native plants by taking part in planting and weeding events in the Boise Foothills!

Ada County Noxious Weeds Overview : Excellent source of local noxious weed information and policy. 

Invasive Species of Idaho: government run site with up-to-date information on non-native invasive species in Idaho, based out of Boise. 

Global Rangelands Resources: more info on the distinction between non-native and non-native invasives, weeds and noxious weeds, legislation, a helpful video titled Plants Out of Place, and much more. 

National Wildlife Federation: Invasive Species: More info on the impacts and classification of non-native invasive species. 

Invasive Plants Atlas of the USA: The Atlas assists users with identification, early detection, prevention, and management of invasive plants.

US Dept of Agriculture National Invasive Species Info Center: Designations, identifications, and policy/law resources regarding non-native invasive species.