Military Reserve

ACRES: 734  |  TRAILS: 12

Protected in 1956

The Military Reserve is approximately 734 acres reserved for several different uses. The reserve is in the northeast portion of the City. The amenities available in the area are an archery range, an old military cemetery, and trails. 474 acres were granted to the City from the Bureau of Land Management in March 1956. The access road and cemetery were also transferred to the City to ensure the maintenance for these areas.  Then in 2006 the City purchased the adjacent 260 acre Hawkins property to expand Military Reserve.  $2.5 million from the Foothills Levy funds were used for that transaction. 

The Military Reserve is comprised of natural terrain in the lower Boise Foothills. Flowing through the reserve is sections of Freestone and Cottonwood creeks. From these creek valleys, hill masses rise on moderate to steep slopes to heights of 100 feet or more. The military cemetery is on a hillside approximately ½ mile east of the U.S. Veteran's Administration Hospital. Veterans of the Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars, and Spanish American War are interred at the reserve. Several civilian graves are also at the reserve.

Health of the Reserve

In 2018, ecological health of the reserve was assessed by field technicians. Monitoring plots were strategically located across the reserve, data was collected at each point to include a species inventory, percent cover of structural functional groups (like invasive species vs. natives), shrub density, erosion and soil stability assessments, and others. Those data are summarized below and help to guide future management treatments and practices for Military Reserve.