Hillside to Hollow Reserve

ACRES: 258  |  TRAILS: 7.1

Protected in 2013

Hillside to Hollow Reserve was purchased by the City of Boise in 2013 from Boise Foothills LLC.  The 258 acres are located north of Hill Road between Bogus Basin Road and North 33rd Street.  The purchase price was of $1.9 million was funded by from the 2001 Foothills Serial Levy Funds.  It is composed of disturbed grasslands and some upland shrub lands.  Over the last few decades, the property has been used and abused by many recreationists. A public process to create a master plan for the property was conducted in 2014.  The City teamed with the Land Trust of the Treasure Valley on the planning process as they own an adjacent 58 acres.  Vegetation composition data is not available for this reserve at this time.

Health of the Reserve

In 2018, ecological health of the reserve was assessed by field technicians. Monitoring plots were strategically located across the reserve, data was collected at each point to include a species inventory, percent cover of structural functional groups (like invasive species vs. natives), shrub density, erosion and soil stability assessments, and others. Those data are summarized below and help to guide future management treatments and practices for Hillside to Hollow Reserve.