Castle Rock Reserve

ACRES: 48.5  |  TRAILS: 1.8

Protected in 1995

Castle Rock Reserve, located in the foothills behind Quarry View Park, is a 48.5-acre site in Boise's East End acquired in the mid to late 1990s.  The East End Neighborhood Association and Boise Front Coalition were heavily involved with the protection of this property as part of an effort to create residential development nearby.  Native Americans once inhabited the Boise Valley and are said to have gathered at a remote site, known as Castle Rock, in the foothills where an outcropping of rocks dramatically jets out and touches the sky. At that time, nearby geothermal hot springs fed into small creeks and formed bathing ponds frequented by the Shoshone, Bannock, and Paiute tribes.

Health of the Reserve

In 2018, ecological health of the reserve was assessed by field technicians. Monitoring plots were strategically located across the reserve, data was collected at each point to include a species inventory, percent cover of structural functional groups (like invasive species vs. natives), shrub density, erosion and soil stability assessments, and others. Those data are summarized below and help to guide future management treatments and practices for Castle Rock Reserve.