Wildflower Walks - Treasures of the Boise Foothills

“Treasures of the Boise Front” Spring Hikes -  2018 

Thursday evenings, 7:00 pm


March 29:  Buena Vista Trail in Hillside to Hollow for Primula, Allium aaseae – moderate to long hike. See plant list from the hike here!

April 5:  Lydle Gulch trailhead near Barclay Bay on Lucky Peak Dam for Viola beckwithii, Astragalus purshii var. lagopinus – short walk to target plants, then as far as we want to hike. See plant list here.

DELAYED TILL APRIL 19:   Polecat Gulch from Cartwright Road trailhead for Idahoa scapigera, Allium aaseae, Caulanthus pilosus – moderate hike to target plants. See plant list here.

Apr 26:  Cobb Trail for Ceanothus vestitus (established non-native), Phlox hoodii, Erigeron bloomeri – moderate to long hike. This hike will be at 10 am.  See plant list here. 

Apr 26 – IBG already scheduled

May 3 – IBG already scheduled

May 10:  Hidden Springs/Currant Creek for Astragalus lentiginosus, Allium tolmiei, Camassia quamash – moderate to long hike. This hike begins at 7:00 pm to allow members to head to the Idaho Botanical Garden Plant Sale! Check out the list of plants  from the hike. 

May 24:   Camelsback for Abronia– short to moderate hike, see the plant list here

June 7:   Bob's Trail along a tributary of Crane Creek for syringa, checker-mallow, and other riparian plants.

June 14:  Hidden Springs/Dry Creek trailhead for wet meadow plants – short walk